Creating a Peaceful Naptime

Naptimes are essential, not only to our children's brain development but also the parent’s mental health. Like seriously, how would we survive without our little one’s napping. In this post, I’m giving you a couple tips on developing a stellar naptime routine for you and your child. Before naptime arrives it’s important that your children... Continue Reading →

Homemade Ice Cream with Children

I love this activity! As I child, my mom and I would make homemade ice cream together. It was so fun to vigorously shake the bag and then open it and surprise nice chunky ice cream. I’m smiling as I think about doing this activity with my children one day. Here’s what you’ll need (this recipe... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Mommy Must-Haves

Being a parent is hard, being a new mother is an even tougher transition. The first couple months is an adjustment period. I’ve created a list of 5 mommy must-haves. The first on this list is a Sleeping machine This machine is not only useful for your baby, but it can also be relaxing for you.... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Nanny

I recently wrote a blog post lending advice to parents who are in the process of choosing a child care center.  It’s filled with tons of information that’ll allow you to decide on a place that is of high quality. If sending your child to a child care facility it too anxiety-provoking and you’re just... Continue Reading →

Coffee Filter Painting

It’s hilarious how quickly children learn that some adults live off coffee. During a lot of the pretend play that I engage in with children, when offered a drink it is usually a “cup of coffee”. If you’re one of those parents that live off coffee than I am sure your children will enjoy this... Continue Reading →

Choosing a Childcare Center

There is so much preparation and thought put into deciding if, and when your child should go to a childcare center while you work. Making that decision can be hard, but if you have chosen to enroll your child into a childcare center here’s some advice on choosing the right one. Decide what your needs... Continue Reading →

The Moment You Find Out You’re Pregnant

Looking at the results of your at-home pregnancy test and it reads positive. You instantly feel so many emotions. Maybe this is your 4-month TTC you’re thrilled. Or maybe you’re scared shit-less because you were not expecting it to be positive. Regardless, there are a couple things you should do the moment you find out... Continue Reading →

Sprinkle Alphabet Tracing

School is back in session for some if not all of your children. As the first week has come to an end, Monday is vastly approaching. I’ve come up with a fun activity to celebrate this time of transition and reiterate learning about alphabets and fine motor skills. What you will need: Empty Sand Tray... Continue Reading →

How To: Organize Your Infants Room

When it comes to the organization of your infants' room, it should be clean, and simple. I would refrain from applying extremely bright colors on the wall. Although your infant can only see as far as 10 inches as a newborn when they get older the brighter colors may keep them alert when they should be resting.... Continue Reading →

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