The Importance of Child-Free Time

Last month we celebrated Mother’s Day. Social media was filled with kind words, and beautiful pictures of people celebrating phenomenal women in their life. It was a very special day, to see mothers all over the world be celebrated and shown appreciation. I noticed that many mothers said that they’d love to just spend the... Continue Reading →

The Power of Baby Sign Language

On the go? Listen to "Transforming Parenting" a podcast designed to help propel you into the best parent to your little one In my spare time, I visit with the kiddos at a local children’s shelter. Recently, during one of my visits, I spent time with a 5-year-old girl who was nonverbal. Her personality was... Continue Reading →

Creating a Peaceful Naptime

Naptimes are essential, not only to our children's brain development but also the parent’s mental health. Like seriously, how would we survive without our little one’s napping. In this post, I’m giving you a couple tips on developing a stellar naptime routine for you and your child. On the go? Listen to "Transforming Parenting" a... Continue Reading →

The Power of Natural Consequences

Whenever children are being mischievous or doing something that they shouldn’t be doing. We often want to reprimand them so that they know that whatever it was that they were doing wasn’t safe. Luckily, for us, natural consequences take the guesswork out of it. When children experience natural consequences, it allows them an opportunity to... Continue Reading →

The End to Most “Sharing” Disasters

Often times when I am around multiple children, I frequently hear the word share. Whether it’s adults saying, “Share with….” or children echoing the words of their parents by saying “Mom said share!” I’m sure it comes as no surprise, but even I use to always say share. It wasn’t until I learned about introducing... Continue Reading →

In-Home Safe Space: Why & How

The idea of creating an in-home safe space sparked some time ago when I worked at a child development center. I noticed, tucked off in the classroom was a small, cozy area in a discrete location. The sign above it read “alone box”. I was quite curious as to what this space was used for.... Continue Reading →

Understanding Children’s Play Style

I think we are all aware of how important play is to children, especially young children. So much learning happens when children have the freedom to play. I find it adorable to watch how children interact with other children. In today’s blog, I hope you gain insight into understanding children’s play styles. There are about... Continue Reading →

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