Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Nanny

I recently wrote a blog post lending advice to parents who are in the process of choosing a child care center.  It’s filled with tons of information that’ll allow you to decide on a place that is of high quality.

If sending your child to a child care facility it too anxiety-provoking and you’re just not ready for it, consider hiring a nanny instead. Here are three reasons why.



It’s cheaper

Child care is expensive but hiring a nanny can be so much cheaper. In the past, I’ve worked at a private, professional child care center where parents paid a whopping amount for tuition each year. Hiring a nanny will reduce the cost of care. Keep in mind that the level of experience and education should be a determining factor when hiring a nanny.

Easier transition for your child

I’ve found that some children transition easier when they have a nanny as opposed to being enrolled in a center. The child will not have to build an attachment to a whole host of people, for example, teachers, assistant teachers, and aides. They will just have to develop an attachment to the one nanny.

Usually, nannies don’t mind providing care inside your home. It’ll be easier for your child to transition from having you around all the time. Although that is hard also, it’ll lessen the blow if they are able to stay in the comfort of their own home, and not have to get adjusted to an unfamiliar environment and new faces.

Continuity of care

A priority for me, no matter the form of care your children receive, it should be consistent. I’ve heard many success stories where nannies become an integrated part of the family.  They begin providing care around 2-3 months and continue with the same family until that child enters grade school.


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