How To: Organize Your Infants Room

When it comes to the organization of your infants’ room, it should be clean, and simple. I would refrain from applying extremely bright colors on the wall. Although your infant can only see as far as 10 inches as a newborn when they get older the brighter colors may keep them alert when they should be resting.

A couple of key items should be in your child’s’ room: a crib, a dresser, a rocking chair and then tons of open space.

org infant

Personally, I believe that a simple nursery is the most beneficial. To save money, you can combine the changing table and dresser. Choosing a dresser that is longer rather than higher will give you the option of putting a changing pad on top along with diapers, wipes and any cream you need on the side in baskets.

Items should be placed in a designated drawer. For instance, putting onesies, pants, shirts, and pj’s in a labeled drawer will be helpful when asking others to retrieve items from the infants’ room.

A simple crib and a sturdy rocking chair should be placed in the room as well.

The rest of the space in the room should be left for exploration. When storing other items, you can use the closet.


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