Newborn Essentials

How much stuff do we really need for a newborn?

newborn essesntials

When it comes to newborns, we really don’t need as much stuff as we think. During this phase, our babies spend most of their time eating and sleeping. On average newborns sleep a total of 17 hours a day.

Here is a list of things you’ll need for your new baby. I’ve broken it down into categories:


Sleeping takes up the majority of you baby’s day. You need to have a flat, firm mattress in a crib. A crib is the safest place for you baby to sleep and it reduces the risk of SIDS.


If you plan to feed your child formula, or breastmilk from a bottle you will need a great collection of bottles with a variety of nipple sizes for the future.

If you plan to breastfeed straight from your breast, you don’t necessarily need anything. However, a nursing pillow may be useful.


It’s sanitary to change your child is one designated area. You will need a changing pad that is wipeable not cloth unless you plan to wash it each time it gets dirty.

You will need to have a stock pile of appropriately sized disposable diapers or cloth diapers and wipes.


It’s so hard not to splurge on those super cute baby clothes, but before buying them think about how fast your infant will grow. Spend money on basic onesies, socks, mittens, swaddle blankets etc.

It’s also great to have 4 or more infant books and infant friendly toys.


You’ll need the basic car seat and stroller. It is also helpful to have a wrap or carrier.


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