Sprinkle Alphabet Tracing

School is back in session for some if not all of your children. As the first week has come to an end, Monday is vastly approaching. I’ve come up with a fun activity to celebrate this time of transition and reiterate learning about alphabets and fine motor skills.


What you will need:

Empty Sand Tray or Paper Plate

Ice Cream Sprinkles

Alphabet Cards


How to:

Step 1: Place the sprinkles on the tray/plate

Step 2:  Pull an Alphabet Card

Step 3: Let your child trace the letter with their fingers in the sprinkles

Step 4: Repeat, until they no longer show interest

Step 5 (and my FAV): Celebrate with ice cream!


Not only are we our children’s first teacher, but we are also the most important and most consistent one. Don’t pressure your child to accurately trace every letter, if they simply enjoy playing with the sprinkles, and could care less about the alphabets then they are participating in sensory play, and you can’t go wrong with that.


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