Homemade Ice Cream with Children

I love this activity! As I child, my mom and I would make homemade ice cream together. It was so fun to vigorously shake the bag and then open it and surprise nice chunky ice cream. I’m smiling as I think about doing this activity with my children one day. Here’s what you’ll need (this recipe... Continue Reading →

Sprinkle Alphabet Tracing

School is back in session for some if not all of your children. As the first week has come to an end, Monday is vastly approaching. I’ve come up with a fun activity to celebrate this time of transition and reiterate learning about alphabets and fine motor skills. What you will need: Empty Sand Tray... Continue Reading →

Popsicle Painting Activity

Painting of any sort is usually always a big hit with children. It’s something about letting your mind be free and allowing the colors of the paint to choose its place. I recently ran across this cool idea of painting with popsicles. I thought it was a great idea because you could plan it as... Continue Reading →

Clever Ways to Practice Patience

You know the feeling of taking fresh brownies out of the oven, smelling the delicious aroma of warm chocolate? You can’t wait to take a bite, but they must cool first. What a bummer.  Somehow you just know that they’ll taste even better after they cool, but waiting is hard. That is delayed gratification. The... Continue Reading →

Back 2 School Lunch Activity

With the back-to-school season upon us, it is time to begin creating lunches for our little ones. Luckily, this task doesn’t have to exclude your child. Here is a wonderful way to get your child involved during this process. Butterfly Snacks While you’re preparing the snack, your child can decorate the clothes pin, in whatever... Continue Reading →

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