How to Mentally Prepare for a Baby

It is easy to find a blog post that lists all the amazing baby products that you should get for your new baby. And while those are great, I think its less common to see a blog post dedicated to helping parents mentally prepare for their baby. This post is dedicated to new parents who will soon welcome a new member to their family.


Whether this pregnancy was anticipated or not, these tips can help you mentally prepare for being a new mom.


Once you believe that you might be pregnant you’ll want to find a doctor and OBGYN to confirm the pregnancy and determine how far along you are. Knowing this information along with the anticipated due date will help you estimate how much time you have to prepare for the baby. Some other logistics included understanding how your employer implements maternity/paternity leave. You may find that most employers allow up to 12 weeks leave and is often unpaid. Regardless of how your employer implements leave, you’ll want to look at your family’s finances and start saving more to accommodate everyone.

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Birth Plan

Your head will probably be spinning in circles after you figure out most of the logistics, and you might be feeling overwhelmed, especially if this baby wasn’t planned. Nevertheless, being pregnant and giving birth can be an exciting time. Documenting your journey and creating a birth plan can build your excitement and anticipation.

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Support System

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, it takes a village to raise a child. And this could not be further from the truth, from the nurses, doulas, and midwives that help bring your little one earth side to the family, friends, and babysitters that help your family thrive. Parenting isn’t a task that should be done alone. Your support system is there for you. Start building it now.

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