Cultivate a Stress-Free Morning Routine

We all know that waking up in the morning can be hard sometimes, especially if you aren’t a morning person. And believe it or not but some children don’t like waking up early either. With school in full swing, you may have noticed that your children are a little grumpy about waking up early again. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss ways to create a stress-free morning routine.


A calm morning routine starts with a peaceful sleep. Read Creating a Peaceful Naptime to get an idea of how to create an environment that is conducive to sleep.

It’s important that a morning routine isn’t too rigid, a routine that is more natural and free-flowing is easier to adapt to.

Short Transitional Time

After waking up it takes our mind and body a little time to adjust. Setting aside 5 minutes right after our children wake up will help make the transition easier. During this time, you can cuddle, sing a calm song or read a small book.

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Brief Overview

I think we all can agree that we tend to be a little less anxious about things when we know what to expect, right? That’s true for children as well. Giving them a brief overview of what’s going to happen helps ease their anxiety and crankiness.

Let Them Decide

There are some things that just must be done like personal hygiene, eating and getting dressed. Allowing children to decide which order things happen in will help increase their commitment to getting everything done because they feel as if they had a say in how it happened.

Why it works

This routine will help to make your mornings less stressful because it is a natural and respectful way to waking up and easing into the day. Having a transitional time makes children feel less rushed, explaining to them what the day will consist of will eliminate any confusion and allowing them the autonomy to decide in what order mandatory things like, personal hygiene and eating breakfast, are done in helps to keep them involved.

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