Preparing Children for a New School Year

School starts back for the locals in my area in just a couple weeks. What an exciting time it is! I’m sure all the parents are rejoicing at the fact that the kiddos are headed back soon, and the children are probably groaning because now its back to waking up early. Here’s my guide to prepping children for a new school year. I’ve found that these tips work well regardless of what age your child is.


Visit teacher and room

The best way to get rid of some of those back to school nerves is to visit the school, teachers, and rooms. Usually, schools host a back to school event where its possible to meet all the teachers and explore the school’s campus with your child.

Connect with other families

If your child is going to a school near your neighborhood then you may already be connected with families in the area. Connecting with families helps both you and your child. It gives you all a sense of community and a great support system. Your child can get to know the children that will be attending school with them and already have friends before school starts. You may also be able to start a carpooling team with the local parents.

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Decorate supplies or lockers

This is a great activity to do a few days before the first day of school. You’ve probably already grabbed all the supplies your children need for school, so a good way to amp up their excitement is to let them personalize and decorate some of their supplies.

Read school themed books

This is especially great for young children and those who may be entering kindergarten. Reading books helps them to understand what to expect and builds the anticipation.

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Talk about expectations and fears

It is normal for children to have fears and expectation about school and all that encompasses it. Creating space for your child to talk about those fears will help diminish the anxiety and it’ll be a great bonding time if handled with care.

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