Preschool Drop-off…Simplifed

There is probably no better feeling than walking out of your child’s preschool classroom and they are as happy as can be. Having a peaceful drop off is not always a breeze, and to some, it sets the tone for their day. Sometimes dropping your kid off at preschool is the most hectic part of the day, but it doesn’t have to be. Today, I am going to share with you a few tips that I found helpful with preschool drop-offs.

In order to have a peaceful drop-off, there should be a routine. Take some time and create one for your family. Need some help? Book a consultation with me.


Greet The Caregiver

The first step to a peaceful drop off is to warmly greet the teacher. Simply chatting with her will make the child feel safer and more confident to interact with them while you are away.

Interact With Their Environment

During the beginning of the day, most preschools allow children to have free play, they can decide what activities they want to do before circle time. Having your child engaged with their environment is beneficial because when you leave they will already be interacting with their environment, so your departure might not be as hard for them to handle

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Say Goodbye

When you are ready to leave it’s important to make sure your child knows that you are leaving. There’s nothing worse than a parent sneaking out and their child not realizing that they are gone until several minutes later. From my experience, it is much easier to calm a child who saw their parent leave but misses them than a child that did not see their parent leave and is concerned or distraught.

Return When It’s Pick-up Time

It’s not abnormal for your child to cry when you leave. It shows that you all have a strong, secure attachment to you.  If your child is crying when you exit the room, take a deep breath and trust that they are in good hands, and won’t cry for long. I found it to be more traumatizing for the child when the parent creates a cycle of coming back into the classroom when they hear their child crying. It sends a mixed message to the child, they might start to believe that even though mom said she was leaving if I cry hard and long enough she’ll come back.

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