The Moment You Find Out You’re Pregnant

Looking at the results of your at-home pregnancy test and it reads positive. You instantly feel so many emotions. Maybe this is your 4-month TTC you’re thrilled. Or maybe you’re scared shit-less because you were not expecting it to be positive. Regardless, there are a couple things you should do the moment you find out... Continue Reading →

How To: Organize Your Infants Room

When it comes to the organization of your infants' room, it should be clean, and simple. I would refrain from applying extremely bright colors on the wall. Although your infant can only see as far as 10 inches as a newborn when they get older the brighter colors may keep them alert when they should be resting.... Continue Reading →

Newborn Essentials

How much stuff do we really need for a newborn? When it comes to newborns, we really don’t need as much stuff as we think. During this phase, our babies spend most of their time eating and sleeping. On average newborns sleep a total of 17 hours a day. Here is a list of things... Continue Reading →

Vernix, and its benefits

Babies aren’t born dirty, so there is no need to rush the initial bathing process. Most people, including doctors and nurses, are so eager to remove it. Vernix, beneficial when left on, is a thick white creamy substance. The amount of vernix present on babies depend on a variety of things.  The earlier they are... Continue Reading →

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