Reducing our Children’s Dependency on Technology

If you’re anything like me, you didn’t realize how dependent children were on technology until summer time. It seems like as soon as school let out all of their attention and energy went to something dealing with technology. Now don’t get me wrong, technology isn’t all bad, but I think we can all agree that... Continue Reading →

Preschool Drop-off…Simplifed

There is probably no better feeling than walking out of your child’s preschool classroom and they are as happy as can be. Having a peaceful drop off is not always a breeze, and to some, it sets the tone for their day. Sometimes dropping your kid off at preschool is the most hectic part of... Continue Reading →

Teaching Children About Charity

If your children are anything like the kiddo’s I know, they lose interest in toys quite frequently. They may have grown out of it, it might not be as challenging to them as it was before, or they have new toys that capture their attention more. With the holiday time wrapping up, our children received... Continue Reading →

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