The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Children For Holiday Socializing


Talk to them about it days in advance

We all know that the best way to communicate is with words. So, to get your child ready for holiday socializing you should talk with them, and let them know what they can expect.

Some questions to answer include:

  • Who will all be coming?
  • How long are they staying?
  • How will it affect their day-to-day routine?
  • How having family and friends gather can be fun.

Other ways to talk to them about it is during everyday activities. Here are some examples,

  1. When shopping for grocery, mention how you are doing that to prep for guest
  2. When organizing the guest room, mention how you are doing that to prep for guest
  3. When cooking holiday meals, mention how you are doing that to prep for guest

Perhaps even start a countdown chart to mark the days until the guest arrives.

Spend some extra time with them before the company arrives

During the holidays we can get so busy hosting others. Spending a little extra time with your children before all the commotion starts will help them feel more relaxed and cared for.

Plan child-friendly activities for them during the holiday time

Sometimes children may feel left out while their parents are mingling with others. Be sure to plan some activities for the children to do together.

Show them pictures of people who may be coming

If you have any photos in your family album of friends and relatives that may be coming show them to your child. While showing them the photos, talk about some of the fun things your child and that person might have done together. For example, if you are showing a picture of your child’s aunt and uncle say:

“This is auntie___ and uncle____ the last time you saw them was at your 2nd birthday party. We all sang happy birthday to you and then took a trip to the zoo.” 

This will not only help your child recognize their face but also help them recall any fun memories they have of that person.

I hope this helps, and Happy Holidays!




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