Teaching Children About Charity

If your children are anything like the kiddo’s I know, they lose interest in toys quite frequently. They may have grown out of it, it might not be as challenging to them as it was before, or they have new toys that capture their attention more.

With the holiday time wrapping up, our children received a ton of gifts from family and friends. Such an exciting time. But with all the toys, old and new, it might cause some sensory overload. This is an opportune time to teach children about charity. Not all children were lucky enough to have received many gifts from family and friends.



Before starting this, you can choose a couple local charities or shelters that resonates with you. Together you guys can sift through your child’s toy collection and pick out any toys that they are no longer fond of and any toys that are no longer age appropriate. Once you and your child have decided which toys to depart with you can let them make the final decision of where to donate them to. This allows your child to take a more active role in giving and can be the catalyst for their spirit of charity.

If you’re having trouble deciding where to donate, I’d personally suggest finding your local children’s shelter. If you read through the about me page, you know that I actively spend time with children at my local children’s shelter. I was fortunate enough to spend a couple hours with them last Christmas and watched their eyes light up when they started to rip apart the wrapping paper to discover the many presents they received. Donating your child’s used toys could quite possibly make another child’s day.

Donating one toy for every new toy they received will help keep down on the clutter. The fewer toys that children have access to play with, the more time they will spend discovering new possibilities with the toys that are in front of them.

If you’re interested in booking a consultation with me, please visit http://thechildsworldblogshop.bigcartel.com/


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