Clever Ways to Practice Patience

You know the feeling of taking fresh brownies out of the oven, smelling the delicious aroma of warm chocolate? You can’t wait to take a bite, but they must cool first. What a bummer.  Somehow you just know that they’ll taste even better after they cool, but waiting is hard. That is delayed gratification. The act of withholding instant gratification for a later, much better reward.

delayed gratification

When it comes to children, it is important that they learn about delayed gratification.

Here are some clever ways to help your child participate in delayed gratification:


Painting a picture

When painting a picture with water color, your child must let it dry before they hang it up.

Bake something

Sit down and decide on something delicious to bake with your child. After you all have baked it, your child has to be patient and wait until it is cool before eating it.

Mail a letter to a family member

It’s so easy to get a message across to a loved one with a simple text. Spend time writing a letter to someone and then mail it. The reply will not be as instantaneous.


You know, studies actually show that children who are good at impulse control perform better in school and have less behavioral challenges.

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