Four Major Parenting Styles

The way that you interact with your children on a day-to-day basis, from the moment they are born well into adulthood, can be referred to as your parenting style. Your style of parenting has a lot to do with how warm and responsive you are to your children, as well as how you articulate your demands to them.

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The 4 Major Parenting Styles

Here are the four main parenting styles:



Parenting in this style can be categorized as very cold and hard. Parents that are authoritarian believes that it’s either their way or the highway, they rarely take into account how their children feel, and are seldom warm and affectionate to them.



Permissive parenting can also be called indulgent parenting. These parents tend to be overly responsive to the child’s desires and not setting any limits or demands. Parents that are permissive may seem like more of a “friend” to their child as opposed to a role model.


parenting style auth

This style of parenting is considered the best of the best. Parents that follow an authoritative parenting style are usually very warm and affectionate to their children while also being able to set limits and have clear expectations. Authoritative parents understand that they are in fact the parent but also consider the feelings of their child. Authoritative parents believe many parenting situations is a great way to collaborate with their children rather than competing with them.



This parenting style is interchangeable with neglect. Parents who are uninvolved so not show any warm and responsive behaviors to their children, nor do they require them to behave in a particular way. They literally could not care less.


When it comes to parenting, it’s easy to just go with what you know. Parenting styles range from those who are strict, always saying “What I say goes” to those who are very lenient and behaving as if they are not parents.

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