What To Do While You’re Nesting

There comes a time, a few weeks before your sunshine arrives, where you feel an intense urge to be overly productive. You’ve worked your eight-hour shift, and surprisingly you still have tons of energy when you get home. You start to rearrange the nursery, clean the entire house, including the closets. This urge is known as nesting, and roughly 70% of all pregnant women experience this same longing.


So, what should you do while you’re nesting?

What To Do While You're Nesting


We can all speculate that the weeks after your baby is born may be the busiest weeks. Thankfully, there is a lot that you can do during your nesting phase that will alleviate some of the task expected of you during the weeks that follow child birth.

Get Organized

Confirm arrangements with birthing centers, hospitals, photographers etc.

Save your energy, don’t rearrange the entire nursery but take some time to organize your infants’ room and yours.

Plan Activities for Older Children

If this isn’t your first child, take the time to plan activities for your older children to participate in with a family member or babysitter during the weeks that follow the arrival of their new sibling. Doing this will give you time to bond with your new baby while allowing your older children the opportunity to have fun.

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Meal Prep

Take the time to contemplate and cook freezer friendly meals for you and your family to enjoy. You will spend less time in the kitchen cooking meals and more time bonding with your new addition.

Local Get-A-Way

Destress by finding something fun to do in your local community. Even though you can’t travel far, you’ll be amazing at the beauty you’ll find in your city.

No matter what you decide to do during your nesting phase refrain from becoming physically exhausted.

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