Adjusting to Parenthood: Suggestions that actually work

There are a little less than 4 million babies born per year, and many of them are born to first-time parents. The journey to becoming a parent can be an exhilarating one. Creating life is such a great experience but the transition to parenthood can sometimes be challenging. So today I’m going to share with you some suggestions for adjusting to parenthood.


So I think it is really important to give you practical, easy to incorporate suggestions that will make life a little less hectic.

Maintaining a Support System

I’ve heard many parents talk about how in the early stages of their pregnancy it seems like people flock to them, eager to offer help and support but a few months after birth it seems like those same people vanish. Maintaining a support system throughout and beyond your pregnancy will be helpful in adjusting to parenthood. Ways to build a support system include:

Mommy support groups

While pregnant it might be easy to find local moms to develop a support group with. You might find them at doctors’ appointments, during hospital tours, infant CPR trainings or catch the both you staring at the same baby items in Target. The next time you see a mom, or mom-to-be exchange numbers to help build a support group. It’ll be comforting to talk to someone who is going through a transition as well.

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Family and Friends

Having your family and friends in close proximity during the late stages of your pregnancy and after birth will be helpful when it comes to adjusting to parenthood. They can help with things like cooking, cleaning, preparing the baby’s nursery and all sorts of things. It really helps to ease the responsibility off you and allows more time for you to bond with your baby.

Bulk Meal Planning

If you don’t have the luxury of friends and family being near, then prepping meals in large portions and then freezing them will be helpful to reduce the time that you would normally spend cooking. This allows for more time to focus on other things. It’ll be wise to start planning out meals maybe a month before you or your partner is due and then start prepping it soon after you’ve made a detailed list.

Carve out Mommy-Time

I get it, you’ve had a new baby and now everything becomes about them. Sometimes people forget to ask how you’re doing and skip right to asking about how’s the baby. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be on mommy duty 24/7. A great way to adjust to parenthood is not letting becoming a mother be all that you focus on. Carving out time in your week to just spend with yourself and practicing self-care will really help you enjoy parenthood more.

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